Reasons of ‘IFE 2017’ visit of every wholesaler

The International Food & Drink Event (IFE) is back with its 2017 event and it happens to be a must-attend event for all wholesalers. This year the event will be held in March and it will be the 20th version of the same. The event is expected to be organized over four days and is going to be a vivacious and enjoyable one. This extravaganza will feature plenty of food and drinks and will be concerned only with the trade aspect of the food and beverages industry. It is expected that some of the top wholesalers of the world will be attending the event. The programme is expected to see a whole lot of NPD, and category innovation along with plenty of products being launched.

A perfect playground

This is going to be one hell of an opportunity for wholesalers – it just does not get any better. At International Food & Drink Event 2017 there will be around 1350 suppliers of food and drinks from around the world. By taking part in this event you can be sure that you would stay a few steps ahead of the trend curve. The event is expected to start on 19 March and will end on 22 March. It is expected to be attended by at least 29,000 people from across 108 countries.

Features of the event

The event is also expected to see 35 speakers who can be regarded as absolute leaders of the said industry. Some of the top chefs of the world, each with their separate channels and culinary background, will be part of the show as well. It will be held at ExCeL London. One of the primary reasons as to why you, as a wholesaler, should attend the event is the fact that it happens to be the biggest food and drink event of the world. In fact, the International Food & Drink Event is the biggest event of its kind in the United Kingdom.

International Food & Drink Event (IFE) 2017
International Food & Drink Event (IFE) 2017

Global attention

It will also be attended by 1350 of the best exhibitors in the world in terms of innovation. They are operating presently both in food service as well as the retail sector. Hardly anywhere else would you get such a detailed aggregation of brands! As a wholesaler you should be inspired by the very fact that this event will provide you the chance to stock on some of the top products of the world in your respective category. As has been said already, by taking part in the event you would be successful in your goal of staying ahead of your competitors.

Edging ahead

These days, an increasing number of wholesale customers are looking at their suppliers in order to get the necessary advice as well as support. This is where your knowledge can help you stay ahead of the proverbial curve. This way, you can always edge ahead even the present trends. These days, food is more than just fuel. The political landscape that you are living in also plays a major role in determining what you are eating.

Factors affecting what we eat

Apart from the factors that have been mentioned above there are issues that influence what we eat. Consumer behaviour is one major factor in this regard. The price of food as well as the carbon footprint we are leaving also has a big say on our food habits.  Wholesalers who visit the International Food & Drink Event 2017 can be sure that they will be among the first to witness the latest trends in the world food industry. They will also come face to face with the latest challenges facing the industry and see how people are responding to the same.

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