Top eight wholesale items in india which bring good revenue for retailers

Economy of India depends on how we buy and sell products, and young generation learned it very fast. Before few years doing Job is the only option young generation did and family of them also do not allow to start a business.

Now you can find many new stores opening regularly on your surrounding which is good for India. As most of the retailer looking for a product which they can sell locally, while buy on wholesale from others. Handloom and handicrafts in the best option, because people can not go each place to have a saree or kurta. For example someone living in Bangalore, can not go to Pipili in Odisha, Just for a Chandua.

Yes there is the scope you can source it from other states and sell them to local buyers with a good margin.

There are many items which you can buy like:

  • Handllom Sarees
  • Handicraft Tribal Jewellery
  • Chandua
  • Wood Crafts
  • Palm Leaf Painting
  • Madhubani Painting
  • Teracotta
  • Kashmir Shawl

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