What Points You Should Check at the Time of Placing a Bulk Order through Online

Tips for Starting a Wholesale Business

Tips for Starting a Wholesale Business

It is quite tricky when you are buying things at bulk volume. And it gets trickier when you are buying it online. There are quite many complications pertaining to online shopping. Obviously, when you are buying something from a store, there is a personal touch. Above all, the physical presence of the store as well as the people you are dealing with makes a huge difference. This sense of reassurance is almost negligible in online shopping. And it gets more evident when you are a first timer or someone not comfortable doing online shopping. And if you are not, you cannot be blamed for that. After all, you get to hear of so many scams and fraud cases related to online shopping. Here we will discuss the points we should consider when we are placing a bulk order through online.

  1. Reliability of the Website- This is the first and foremost condition when you are ordering at bulk volume. Since with bulk order, a lot of money is at stake, you should be very sure of the store you are doing business with. It is not just the brand you should be concerned about, but also the site where you are placing the order and where the payment gateway is. Before placing a bulk order, it is recommended to do small business with them to be sure of the quality of products. Bulk order means dependence at a larger level and you should be well prepared for that.
  2. Logistic partner- Apart from the quality of the products, you should also consider the quality of services. When you place a bulk order, it is very important to receive that huge amount of products in perfect state and on time. Otherwise, the entire procedure will be a failure. Even if you get a refund for your money, time spent on reordering will definitely take a toll on the purpose it was supposed to serve. So, when placing the order, read terms and conditions minutely to know about the terms and conditions pertaining to delivery, their logistic partners and minimum time taken to complete an order.

    Points to check to Placing a Bulk Order through Online
    Points to check to Placing a Bulk Order through Online
  3. Customer ServiceIf you are placing a bulk order, it can have two meanings. Either you are in a small business or need your things for a particular event. In both the cases, requirement and timings are very crucial. It is recommended to go for an e-commerce site with a live chat option. In general all websites have their contact section where they flash their email id or telephone information. But with live chat you can get your queries answered at real time. As discussed before, in absence of any physical appearance and personal touch, this kind of reassurance is very much required for the customers to bank with online bulk shopping.
  4. Negotiations- In online shopping, there is a cut throat competition. Bulk orders mean big business which keeps you in a strong position. You can try negotiating the price if you find it tad higher for your budget. In case of monopoly, you will be disappointed as the vendors already have a lot of business. But in other case, you may be prized with some discounts. But remember, you can push the envelope only to a certain extent. If you try to squeeze more, you may end up with inferior quality or broken deal.
  5. Your Priorities- Let them know your priorities first. Whether your target is to get your products at low price, want delivery within a scheduled date or some specifications regarding the order, it should be made clear beforehand. 

It is true that online scams are very common, but if that was the only truth then e-commerce giants like Amazon, Groupon, Deals2buy, Flipkart, Firstcry etc would never have become such a huge success. So, shed off your jitteriness about online shopping and place your next bulk order with more confidence. If you follow the above mentioned points, you can stay assured that your deal will be a smooth one.

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